viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

Outta Ma'WAY!
(Desarrollando actualización actualmente)

Actualmente necesitas una cuenta en IMVU (estamos trabajando para que no sea necesario)
Puedes jugarlo también en una versión más reciente desde tu navegador aquí.
Outta Ma' Way! is a game for mobile devices where IMVU avatars compete against each other in crazy athletic races.
Play modes
There are two play modes:
Time-Attack Single player mode where the user competes with his avatar against time to cross the finish line before time runs out. Beating the limit time of a circuit provides the player a new race scenario.
Race Online multiplayer mode where up to 4 avatars face in a frantic race, struggling to get across the finish line first. On the way, avatars can obtain various power-ups to increase their speed or hind their opponents' way.
The running character is the avatar of the player. The gameplay is similar to that of an infinite runner: avatars run forward at a semi-constant speed, and the player controls their direction by swipes. The player can increase the speed of the avatar for a limited time doing a _ sprint _ that can be used when the "sprint bar" is full, and they can fill it with a pick-up or with time passing by.
During races, avatars can pick up boxes that will randomly award one of the following power-ups:
BedRull Drink it to recharge immediatly the 100% of the sprint bar.
Ronstem Drink that increases the speed of the avatar twice during a short period. It can be used while the effect of sprint is active, increasing the speed by three.
Baseball Bat It can be thrown as a projectile forward. If another player touches it, the bat is broken and the attacked player stumbles.
Now you can compete with your friends in multiplayer races, using items to slow them down and overtake drinking energy drinks, or against yourself in the time-attack mode to get the best time possible.

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